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Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions have answers here. If not, text us or give us a call


What if we are not checked in?

Most asked question we get.

We deliver to the porch and or a covered area. We place your equipment in a safe place and take a picture and send it to you. If we can hide it in an out of view area, we will.  That way you know what your equipment looks like and where to find it, as well as being a confirmation of delivery.

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We don't have delivery address so how will you deliver?

This question almost ties with the first question. We know a lot of rental company's do not give out the address until the day of arrival. However, we can contact the rental company and get the address as long as our information matches their information. Meaning if a lot of families are meeting in one of the mega cabins, we need the information of the primary cabin renter and you can list that on our order form if it is not you.

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How do you clean?

To us we want every part of your trip memorable. We don't even want you to worry about toxic residue. We use only food-grade cleaners, sanitizers, and wipes. If equipment is really soiled we use steam cleaners. Linens are washed in gentle, baby friendly detergents and all hard surfaces are washed and sanitized. We clean when we pick up your equipment and we clean when we deliver the equipment.

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