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All our most requested items at a discounted price. All package pricing INCLUDES all taxes, fees, delivery and pickup. There are no substitutions for different equipment.

Premium Package.png


Premium Package

Premium Colugo "The One Stoller"

Full-Size Crib with Mattress and one sheet

High Chair/Booster

3 n 1 Sleep Bear with white noise and projection light


Home Sweet Home

Full-Size Crib with Mattress

High Chair/Booster

Single Jogger

Video Baby Monitor

Home Sweet Home.png
Double Trouble.png


Double Trouble

Two (2) Full-Size Cribs with Mattresses

Two (2) High Chair/Boosters

One (1) Double Jogger


Bear Essentials

Pack n Play

High Chair/Booster

Single Jogger

Bear Essentials.png
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